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  • What is a Birthing Mother Celebration?
    (Also known as Mother Blessing Way) Many women would hold a baby shower at the end of their pregnancy. A Birthing Mother Celebration is just that, a way to bring family and friends together to celebrate and honour the woman as she transitions to mother. Traditionally a woman only event, however you may choose to have whoever you feel close to and anyone that you feel can support you at this special time.
  • Where will the Celebration take place?
    The celebration can take place in the home of the mother to be, a close friend or family member or a community space available to hire. The best place is somewhere the birthing mother feels safe and comfortable.
  • What is the difference between Birth Mother Celebration and Baby Shower?
    During a baby shower the focus is usually on the baby and gifts for the baby. A Birthing Mother Celebration focuses on honouring celebrating, supporting, and empowering the mother to be as she approaches the birth of her baby as well as for the post-partum period. Gifts may vary and rather than wraps, fluffy toys etc gifts may include items to nourish, encourage and support the mother to be.
  • What does a Birthing Mother Celebration involve?
    A gathering of close friends and or family members, usually sitting in circle honouring and supporting the mother to be as she approaches the rite of passage of giving birth to her baby. Creating a sacred space (either by you or your doula) Sitting in circle to honour the birthing mother, rituals such as salts blessed to bath the mothers’ feet or hands or to use post-partum. Showering the mother with gifts of meaning rather than monetary value such as a poem, words of wisdom, a lotion or potion, something handmade, or a practical gift for the baby. Guests may be asked to bring a plate of food to share. Another element of the mother blessing is a foot bath with flowers, salts, essential oils for the mother to be, as well as any other rituals of choice. Duration 2 hours Cost- $250 Click HERE for more information and booking
  • What happens during a healing session?
    As you relax on a chair or massage table energy is channeled on and around the body with no specific outcome desired, but to promote wellbeing and self-healing.
  • Who can be helped?
    Anyone. Many people carry unhelpful energetic burdens such as anger or fear which can be alleviated with healing.
  • What is a Doula?
    A doula’s role is to accompany women during the birth of their baby offering support for a safe and satisfying birth experience. Knowledge and experience is used to provide emotional support, physical comfort and clear information to you and your partner provide reassurance and perspective, make suggestions for labour progress, and help with relaxation, massage, positioning, and other techniques for comfort. A doula does NOT perform clinical tasks, such as blood pressure, foetal assessments, vaginal exams etc. but is present to provide for your physical comfort, emotional support, and advocacy. A doula is usually independent and self-employed working for you, not your caregiver or the hospital/birth centre. A doula will become familiar with your birth plan to work together to achieve the birth you hope for.
  • What are benefits of hiring a Doula?
    Evidence has shown people who receive continuous care and support during birth are more likely to have spontaneous vaginal births. Less likely to have medication for pain, epidurals, negative feelings around birth, assisted births (vacuum or forceps) or caesareans. Continuous support (someone that never leaves their side) as well as an advocate to be a voice for your wishes and birth plan whilst you are in labour has overall better outcomes for mother and baby. Support is also there for partners allowing them to rest, when necessary, take breaks as well as be fully present in the experience.
  • What is the best time to book a Doula?
    A doula can be there for you and your partner at any given time it is never too early or too late. If you hire a doula early, you will have the opportunity to get to know each other and use their services offered. The beginning of your third trimester is a good time to secure your chosen doula. This gives you a chance to meet with a couple of doulas to find the one that fits with you.
  • What is the cost of hiring a Doula?
    The cost of a birth doula ranges from anywhere between $1500 -$3500.
  • Do Doulas support all kinds of Birth?
    Yes. your doula will be there for you. You may choose to birth at home, in a birthing suite, in a bath, in the labour ward or by a scheduled caesarean, birth doulas support ALL kinds of birth. Click HERE for more information and pricing.
  • What is a Post Partum Doula?
    A post-partum Doula offers support from the early days at home following birth, usually for a couple of weeks to a couple of months. Assistance, guidance, physical and emotional support is provided while creating a calm and comfortable environment for you to rest, recover, and bond with your baby. Tasks such as tidying, running errands, preparing nutritious meals and snacks to aid recovery and enhance vitality, caring for baby while you get deep sleep/rest, laundry and more. Click HERE for more information and packages
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