• x1     2 hour in home one on one consult                   VALUE $300




  • x2        2 hour in home one on one consult                  VALUE  $500




  • x4        2 hour in home one on one consult                  VALUE   $950


During your consult you will have the opportunity to,

  •                                                   debrief the birth

  •                                                   check in with you and how you are

  •                                                   share a cup of tea,a snack or a meal (prepared by Justine)

  •                                                   rest,exercise, take a shower or bath,have some time to                                                                  yourself knowing your baby is well looked after.   

  •                                                   Do an online shop

  •                                                   Create a menu plan for the family.

  •                                                   prioritise your self care plan

  •                                                   Co ordinate visitors

  •                                                    Manage appointments

  •                                                    Look at any other needs you may have. 

In addition to this you will receive,   at NO extra cost your own post natal pack made up of 


massage oils for mum and baby

healing teas

6 delicious and nourishing bliss balls

All made with with love.



You will have

x1 follow up email and/or spot phone call of up to 20 minutes in between or at the completion of your consult .

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