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Post Partum Hormones ………. 9 ways to

C ortisol

O xytocin

P rogesterone

E strogen

There is so much information and things to learn about being pregnant that the early days/weeks/months can be overlooked, leaving many women feeling unprepared and struggling to COPE with the many physical and hormonal changes occurring after birth that may lead to feelings of overwhelm, anxiety or depression.

Cortisol is released at times of stress and is needed for the fight or flight response.

Oxytocin is high in the post partum period to create bonding and the ability to sense danger. When oxytocin levels are increased so can anxiety.

Progesterone is needed in higher amounts as it is a natural anti-anxiety hormone

Estrogen along with Progesterone drop to their lowest levels ever after birth which may contribute to mood swings, sadness, anxiety, irritability, post natal depression








mood changes

poor concentration

Ways to cope,

Talk to someone

Keep a journal

Eat a well balanced diet

Get outside in nature daily

Be kind to yourself as you adjust to motherhood

Hire a post partum doula

Set up a meal calender for friends and family

Make a TO DO list for visitors


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