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I see birth as a Rite of Passage. I honour the profound significance of childbirth, recognize the inherent strength and resilience of the birthing woman, and provide a range of services with meaningful support and respect for this transformation into parenthood.

Customized birth / post-partum packages, ceremonies, rituals and bodywork to guide and honour you in your vision of your birth.

I value the emotional and spiritual dimensions of childbirth alongside medical aspects, promoting holistic wellbeing for the birthing woman and her family. I will address not just the physical aspects but also emotional psychological and spiritual wellbeing.

My aim is to understand your needs and provide compassionate support through your journey into parenthood with genuine care and emotional support to advocate for your preferences and choices effectively.

This allows customized support based on your values/past experiences/preferences and visions.

Tailoring services to meet your individual needs with flexibility and care.





A flowing style massage that balances body and mind in its physical emotional and spiritual dimensions

Support, care, and education for you and your partner throughout pregnancy, birth, and after.

Include in your post-partum package. meals/snacks/drinks to nurture and nourish, heal and improve vitality.

Providing you and your family with physical and emotional support as you recover and bond.

An alternative to a Baby Shower. Gather with close friends/family to honour and celebrate your transition to motherhood.

Mother Blessingway

Closing of the Bones

A ceremony to restore energy and return the woman to her physical and spiritual self following pregnancy and  birth.


An alternative to a baby shower, is a gathering of close friends and family to honour and celebrate the mother-to-be and her upcoming birth experience.




I have been working in health and well-being for almost 3 decades, 14 years as a Registered Nurse in NSW hospitals provided a strong foundation in people’s care.  Following 2 casarean sections came Post natal depression , I then went on to have a VBAC with the birth of my third daughter as well as getting a lot of support from friends and family during the post natal period. These experiences made me passionate in supporting women to have the best birth and post natal period possible, I bring these experiences with me along with a wealth of knowledge and understanding as I work with women and their partners through pregnancy birth and beyond.

Trainings include, Post Natal and Birth Doula, modalities such as Shamanic healing  Bodywork,Pelvic release and Kahuna Massage as well as holding sacred ceremonies to honor and heal women such as Mother Blessingways and Closing of the Bones.

As a mother of 3 adult women I understand  motherhood and truely honor being a part of a families journey into parenthood.


Contact me for a discovery call to see if we are right for each other,

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