Congratulations on the arrival of your baby and you as a mother.

















Hi, I'm Justine and I know what it's like to be lost in the maze of motherhood ,where all the focus is on your baby. There's seemingly no one looking out for you!


You feel tired, overwhelmed, undernourished and maybe even lost.

You long for an experienced guide who can see, feel and understand your journey. 

Someone who can connect you to your own inner resources and support networks.

If I had my time again I would call on someone who could support me to find the connection and peace I was hoping for.

I am passionate about supporting you create a village for you, your baby....the whole family.

As a qualified nurse and mother of 3 teenage girls I bring to you my life experiences and professional knowledge in a non judgemental way, from a place of genuine care.


Consider me as your DOULA  not for the birth of your baby but the birth of your motherhood.

My deepest desire is to help make this a time of joy, love, calm and connection


I would love to help you find the way.....A nurturing way

"When I first met Justine, I knew she was very caring and special. Her warm,friendly and caring nature was a gift for both my Baby Harry as well as for myself. Justine not only adore and cares for Harry with such love, she advises and guides me as a new mum. Her approach is relaxed but

measured. I couldn't recommend and trust her enough!:)"

Melissa Willoughby.     Darling Point

"Justine is such a warm and nurturing soul who has helped me with baby number two from three weeks old. It has been such a comfort to know my newborn is in her care allowing me time to focus on my toddler who was struggling with the new baby. She is a gentle and calming influence and I would have been lost without her"

Louise Bilby Gilligan.   Malabar

" Justine supported us for 7 months after the birth of our first child and her presence was a blessing in our lives.Our son absolutely adored her and she assited me greatly with settling/sleeping, cooking and general help. She is loving, enthusiastic, reliable and proactive and a lot of fun to be around. We miss her!"

Paula Grace Watkins.  North Bondi

" Justine is so professional, knowledgable and wise, someone who can bring valuable and priceless insights no matter what post natal status a mother finds herself in. You can be assured of a non-judgemental , supportive ,caring and generous service.

Highly recommend.

Lisa Fitzpatrick  November 2018

Justine is a diligent, practical and warm person. She is every mums dream support person. If I was anew mum again......I'd reach out to Justine.

Mukti Mia Jarvis November 2018

Justine has been part of our lives since my daughter (now 3.5) was 6 weeks old. In one of those perfect twists in life, she turned up exactly when we needed her, when in the thick of colicky-newborn-hell. She took charge and sent us off to bed. With a one year old now in the mix, Justine has not just been a trusted, loving care giver for my children. she has been my carer too- dispensing calm, reassurance, advice, empathy, and some pretty great meals! We love you Juzzy!

Colette Webber  June 2018

My Story


I'm JUSTINE BOUCHARD and I am a POST NATAL CONSULTANT for women in the first year after the birth of their child. As founder of Nurturing ways I am passionate about connecting mothers to their inner and outer resources so they may thrive in their role as mother.

I work with mothers and families be it their first or fifth child helping them adjust to becoming a parent so that this may be a time of joy, love and happiness. (Let's keep it real there will be sleepless nights and some challenges !)

I bring my life experiences and a wealth of knowledge that I really want to share with you.

I am a qualified nurse and mother to 3 wonderful daughters 21,19,16)

Following 2 caesarean sections and severe post natal depression I made it my mission to have a very different experience with my third pregnancy.

I was determined to have a VBAC2 (vaginal birth after 2 casaereans) It was not easy to find support for that! I educated myself, found a medical team respectful of my desires and discovered a strength and courage within, and got the natural birth I wanted.

 I made sure that I set up and put in place all I could to ensure I could rest, recover, bond and experience joy in my post natal period.

. I created a wonderful network that enabled me , my husband and 2 older children to experience the  post partum time I had hoped for. 

Years later after sufferring chronic illness I discovered food as medicine and was able to heal myself .This led to my passion for healthy nutrition and the effects this has on body and soul.


After 14 years of nursing I decided to leave the profession to be a stay at home mum. During this time I lost a sense of who I was and what motivated me. It was then I was able to discover my deep desire to assist families to experience the joy of parenting when there is access to a wealth of resources.

If you are struggling with overwhelm, unsure of where to turn, feeling isolated and uncertain how to balance your desire to be a great mother with your need for more support, please reach out to me for a consultation.


Important to me is honesty and authenticity with no judgement. I pride myself on bringing these qualities to the work I do.

There is a way......A nurturing way!



As each day brings something new ,services are tailored to individual needs.

$50/hr  minimum 2 hours

Your one on one consult includes


  • check in with how you are......... so much focus can be on baby,

  • share a cup of tea, a snack , a meal (prepared byJustine)      time for you to be cared for

  • rest,exercise,shower/bath,some time to yourself. it's easier to care for others when you care for yourself.

  • guidance and support with feeding and settling

  • online food shopping   let's get that out of the way

  • create a family menu plan.  one less thing for you to think about

  • coordinate visitors    support you to have time to rest

  • manage paperwork and appointments   prevents overwhelm

  • look at any other needs  take action 

  • build your very own Village.  love and support for the whole family


In addition to this you will receive  at NO extra cost your own post natal pack consisting of, 

massage oils for mum and baby

healing tea

6 delicious bliss balls made with love.

x1 follow up email and/or spot phone call of up to 20 minutes in between or at the completion of your consult.