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A traditional post partum ritual involving a series of gentle movements , massage and the wrapping of the womans head, shoulders, hips,legs and feet to provide support and healing after childbirth. The ceremony restores energy and closes the body after pregnancy returning the woman to her physical and spiritual self promoting overall well being.


-Begin with a cleansing foot bath and half hour gentle massage

- followed by wrapping the head, shoulders,hips,legs and feet with cloth or fabric.

-The ceremony includes rituals and blessings as the woman is called to return to herself.

-Once the body is wrapped gentle music or drumming is played and the sacred space held by me to allow you to deeply relax.

The session is completed with a debrief and grounding fruit and tea.

Duration     1-1.5 hours

Cost           $200




"WOW just wow. The shift I experienced from the closing of the

bones ceremony with Justine was incredible. Entering the space I

wasn't sure what to expect but knew it was what I needed. It was a

beautifulsafe space where I felt nurtured and supported. I sunk right into a meditative state and was deep in my body and out of my mind which

is so nice being a mum of 2 and being able to

let it all go.

During the process  I felt like I myself was in the womb and had a

HUGE release

. I truly feel after this process we've called all my energy to centre

and I even looked like a different person when i got up!

All mummas should experience this to bring them back to themselves

after creating life.


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