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Celebration of Birth                Mother Blessingway


Gather with friends and family to honour and celebrate you and your journey into the birth portal and motherhood. A Blessing way ceremony will support your transformation from Maiden to Mother and prepare you for the next stage of life. Instead of a baby shower, I will create and hold a scared space and facilitate the coming together of loved ones in a safe circle to support you, share inspiring stories, release any fears or doubts, share connected rituals and receive blessings infused with love as you step into this rite of passage and transition.

Whats involved......

Rituals that can be part of a Blessing ceremony:

  • Lighting candles to call ourselves and our lineage and guides

  • Grounding and welcoming, sharing experiences and positive stories

  • Hand written messages of love and support presented to you and used in the birth space.

  • An invitation to bring a bead or item as a gift

  • Creating a Bath salt blend for you to use as a symbol of the love from your friends and family.

  • Foot bath and oil blessing

  • Creation of a string connecting you with your tribe physically and spiritually


Whats included.......

  • 1-1.5 hour ceremony tailored to suit you

  • Set up and take down of altar and floral mandala, cushions /seating

  • Rituals and blessing of connection love and celebration

  • With the planning taken care of , the guest of honor just has to show and receive.


​Investment: $500 for up to 10 guests including travel within 5km of Bondi

                      $50 deposit required at time of booking.

Not included ........

  • Venue hire if not at your own venue/house  

  • Travel fee if greater than 5km from Bondi

  • Any additional items outside of standard inclusions to be discussed upon booking                 



"My  Mother Blessingway was beyond what I have ever experienced in receiving love connection from my tribe. The ceremony was so well crafted with intention the way that Justine and Naomi facilitated space meant everyone felt involved, heard and seen in their own way. This is my second baby , the first time I  had a baby shower and left feeling very exhausted, this time around with a Mother Blessingway I felt nourished ,peaceful and overflowing with Oxytocin." - Alana

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