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Foods to Heal & Nourish

As part of your package, I will prepare food to nurture and nourish you in line with any dietary requirements and in accordance with your nutritional needs at the time.
Food and any other items needed at your own cost.

Significance of Nourishing Food

I am passionate about food as medicine and the power of food to heal and nourish.

Having raised my 3 children as vegans for 10 years I have gained the skills in preparing healthy and nourishing meals, snacks, drinks and desserts to cater for all dietary requirements.

What you eat during pregnancy, birth and post-partum can have a major impact on how you feel ,your energy levels ,your quality of sleep , hormones and aid in establishing breast feeding.

Homemade chicken stock provides essential nutrients and vitamins that support recovery , aid sleep, improve gut health and reduce inflammation.

Chicken stock available to order at extra cost to your post partum package.

Foods can be prepared in your home as part of post natal doula services (items at your own expense).

Healthy Food



Melissa Willoughby, Darling Point

When I first met Justine, I knew she was very caring and special.
        Her warm, friendly and caring nature was a gift for both my Baby Harry as well as for myself.
       Justine not only adores and cares for Harry with such love, but she also advises and guides me as a new mum. Her approach is relaxed but measured.  I couldn't recommend and trust her enough!

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